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Printing on Continuous paper

Available Paper Paths
Setting the Paper Release Lever
Setting the Paper Thickness Lever
Using the Front Push Tractor
Using the Rear Push Tractor
Using the Tractor in the Pull Position
Loading Multi-Part Forms
Loading Continuous Paper With Labels
Adjusting the Top-of-Form Position
Advancing the Paper to the Tear-Off Edge
Switching Between Printing on Continuous Paper and Printing on Single Sheets

Printing on Single Sheets

Available Paper Types and Paper Slots
Loading Single Sheets in the Top Paper Slot
Loading Single Sheets in the Front Paper Slot
Loading Special Paper

Printer Software

About Your Printer Software
Using the Printer Driver With Windows Me, 98, and 95
Using the Printer Driver With Windows 3.1
Using the Printer Driver With Windows 2000 and NT 4.0
Using the Printer Driver With Windows NT 3.5x
Using the EPSON Remote! Utility
Using EPSON Status Monitor 2

Control Panel

Control Panel
Selecting a Built-In Font and Pitch
About Your Printer's Default Settings


Using the Error Indicators
Problems and Solutions
Clearing Paper Jams
Aligning Vertical Lines in Your Printout
Printing a Self Test
Printing a Hex Dump
Contacting Customer Support

Options and Consumables

Using the Optional Cut-Sheet Feeders
Using the Roll Paper Holder
Installing an Interface Card
Replacing the Ribbon Cartridge

Product Information

Safety Instructins
Printer Parts
Printer Specifications
Command Lists
Character Tables
Cleaning the Printer
Transporting the Printer
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