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Replacing the Ribbon Cartridge

Genuine EPSON ribbon cartridge
Replacing the ribbon cartridge

Genuine EPSON ribbon cartridge

When printing becomes faint, you need to replace the ribbon cartridge. Genuine EPSON ribbon cartridges are designed and manufactured to work properly with your EPSON printer. They ensure proper operation and long life of the print head and other printer parts. Other products not manufactured by EPSON may cause damage to your printer, which is not covered by EPSON's warranties.

Your printer uses the following ribbon cartridge:

EPSON black ribbon cartridge (fabric):


EPSON color ribbon cartridge:


EPSON black ribbon cartridge (film):



Replacing the ribbon cartridge

Follow these steps to install or replace the ribbon cartridge:

Make sure the printer is turned off.

If you have just used the printer, the print head may be hot; let it cool for a few minutes before replacing the ribbon cartridge.

Open the printer cover to the upright position, then pull it up to remove it.

Make sure that the print head is in the middle of the printer. (If it is not, turn on the printer, and then, turn off the printer.) Then remove the ribbon cartridge from the printer.

Remove the new ribbon cartridge from its package.

Turn the ribbon-tightening knob in the direction of the arrow to remove any slack from the ribbon so it is easier to install.

Insert the ribbon cartridge into the printer as shown; then press both sides of the cartridge firmly to fit the plastic hooks into the printer slots.

Use a pointed object, such as a ball point pen, to guide the ribbon between the print head and ribbon guide.

Turn the ribbon-tightening knob in the direction of the arrow to help feed the ribbon into place; it should not be twisted or creased.

Reinstall the paper tension unit.

Reinstall and close the printer cover.


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