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Setup & Maintenance / Cleaning and Transporting the Printer

Transporting the Printer

For long distances
For short distances
Finding a place for the printer

For long distances

If you need to transport your printer for long distances, carefully repack it using the original box and packing materials.

Follow the steps below to repack your printer.

Turn off the printer and remove the following items:

Attach the protective materials onto the printer, then repack the printer in its original box.


For short distances

Always pay attention to the following handling precautions when you need to move the printer for short distances.

If you are moving the printer on its own, two people should lift and carry the printer.

Follow the steps below to move the printer for short distances.

Turn off the printer and remove the following items:

Be sure to lift the printer by the correct positions as shown below.

When moving the printer, always keep it horizontal.


Finding a place for the printer

When relocating the printer, always choose a location that has adequate space for easy operation and maintenance. Use the following illustration as a guide for the amount of space required around the printer to ensure smooth operation. Dimensions shown in the illustration below are in millimeters.

To install and use any of the following options, you will need the indicated amount of additional space.

The 500-Sheet Paper Cassette Unit adds 130 mm (5.1 in.) to the bottom and 250 mm (9.8 in.) to the front of the printer.

The Duplex Unit adds 120 mm (4.7 in.) to the back of the printer.

In addition to space considerations, always heed the following precautions when finding a place to locate the printer:

  • Leave adequate room around the printer to allow for sufficient ventilation.
  • Avoid locations that are subject to direct sunlight, excessive heat, moisture, or dust.
  • Avoid using outlets that other appliances are plugged into.
  • Use a grounded outlet that matches the printer's power plug. Do not use an adapter plug.
  • Only use an outlet that meets the power requirements for this printer.


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