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Setup & Maintenance / Cleaning and Transporting the Printer

Cleaning the Printer

Cleaning the pickup roller
Cleaning the print head

The printer needs only minimal cleaning. If the printer's outer case is dirty or dusty, turn off the printer and clean it with a soft, clean cloth moistened with a mild detergent.

Never use alcohol or paint thinner to clean the printer cover. These chemicals can damage the components and the case. Be careful not to get water onto the printer mechanism or any electrical components.

Cleaning the pickup roller

Follow the steps below to clean the pickup roller.

Open the MP tray, then remove the loaded paper.

Gently wipe the rubber parts of the pickup roller inside the MP tray with a wet, well-wrung cloth.


Cleaning the print head

Follow the steps below to clean the printer head.

Open the cleaner cover on the right side of the printer. Then, open cover A.

Pull the blue lever on the right inside of the printer.

Move the blue cleaner slowly in and out once.

Move the cleaner completely in and out. Otherwise, the printer may not be cleaned effectively.

Push back the blue lever on the right inside of the printer.

Close cover A, then the cleaner cover.



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