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Roll Paper Holder

Assembling the roll paper holder
Installing the roll paper holder
Loading roll paper
Removing roll paper

The optional roll paper holder (C811141) allows you to use 8.5-inch roll paper like that used with telex machines. This provides an inexpensive alternative to using continuous paper for applications requiring variable paper lengths. Before you install and use the roll paper holder, you need to assemble it.

Assembling the roll paper holder

Follow these steps to assemble the roll paper holder:

Fit the arc bearings into the stand as shown.

Place the base plate on the stand and fasten the two together with the plastic spacing clips. Make sure you orient the stand and base plate as shown below.

Hook the tension lever onto both ends of the stand as shown below. While pulling up on the tension lever, fit the wire ends of the tension lever into the holes in the stand. The roll paper holder is assembled.


Installing the roll paper holder

Follow these steps to install the roll paper holder on your printer:

Make sure the printer is turned off.

Remove the paper guide, then remove the tractor if it is installed in the pull or rear push position. Reinstall the paper tension unit if necessary.

Position the roll paper holder underneath the printer as shown below. Fit the two positioning pegs on the bottom of the printer into the two holes in the base plate.

The roll paper holder is not fastened to the printer; only the printer's weight and the two positioning pegs hold it in place. If you pick up the printer, be careful not to drop the roll paper holder.


Loading roll paper

Follow these steps to load a roll of paper after you install the roll paper holder:

Make sure the printer is turned off and the paper guide is removed. Also make sure the tractor is not installed in the pull or rear push position, and the paper tension unit is installed.

Set the paper release lever to the single-sheet position. Also set the paper-thickness lever to the proper position for the thickness of your roll paper.

Cut the leading edge of the roll paper straight across.

Insert the roll paper holder shaft into the center of the paper roll as shown.

Place the shaft and paper roll on the roll paper holder so the paper feeds from the bottom of the roll. Then turn on the printer.

Bring the leading edge of the paper up over the rear of the printer and insert it into the printer until it meets resistance. The printer loads the roll paper automatically.

Install the paper guide over the roll paper to separate the printout from the unused paper. Slide the edge guides to the middle of the paper guide.

You are now ready to print. When you finish printing, press the LF/FF button to advance the paper; then tear off the paper using the tear-off edge of the paper tension unit (pull it toward you for a clean cut).


Removing roll paper

Roll paper cannot be fed backward. To remove roll paper, remove the paper guide, cut the roll paper behind where it feeds into the printer; then press the Load/Eject button to eject the remaining paper.



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