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Transporting the Printer

If you need to transport your printer for some distance, carefully repack it using the original box and packing materials.

Follow these steps to repack the printer in its original packing materials:

  • When transporting the printer, do not lift it by the USB cable holder as the holder may detach and cause the printer to fall. Hold the bottom left and right sides of the printer firmly to lift it.
  • You need to move the print head by hand to remove the ribbon cartridge. If you have just used the printer, the print head may be hot; let it cool for a few minutes before touching it.

Remove any paper loaded in the printer. Make sure the printer is turned off.

Unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet; then disconnect the interface cable from the printer.

Lower the paper guide. Remove the USB cable holder.

If a pull tractor is installed, remove it. If any options are installed, remove them and pack them in their original boxes.

Make sure that the print head is not hot. Then remove the ribbon cartridge as described in Replacing the Ribbon Cartridge.

Make sure the tractor that comes with your printer is installed in the push position.

Repack the printer, ribbon cartridge, USB cable holder, and power cord in their original packing materials and place them in the printer's original box.


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