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Using the Printer Software with Macintosh

About the Printer Software

Accessing the printer driver

The printer software contains a printer driver and EPSON Status Monitor 3. The printer driver lets you choose from a wide variety of settings to get the best results from your printer.
Use the following procedures to access the EPSON Status Monitor 3.

For Mac OS X users, open the Print dialog box and select Printer Settings from the drop-down list. Then click your printer's icon in the Utility menu.

For Mac OS 9 users, select the EPSON Status Monitor 3 alias from the Apple menu, then click your printer's icon.

EPSON Status Monitor 3 lets you check the status of your printer. See Monitoring Your Printer using EPSON Status Monitor 3 for more information.

Accessing the printer driver

To control your printer and change its settings, use the printer driver. The printer driver allows you to easily make all the print settings, including paper source, paper size, and orientation.

Mac OS X

To access the printer driver, register your printer in Printer Setup Utility (for Mac OS X 10.3) or Print Center (for Mac OS X 10.2 or below), click Print on the file menu of any application, then select your printer.

Mac OS 9

To access the printer driver, open the appropriate dialog box, select Chooser from the Apple menu, then click your printer icon.

Opening the dialog boxes from the application

The printer driver's online help provides details on printer driver settings.


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