Exif Print and PRINT Image Matching

Exif Version 2.2 (also called Exif Print, an international standard for digital cameras) and PRINT Image Matching allow you to print fine-quality photographs using a digital camera and printer that support these features.
We recommend using EPSON Easy Photo Print when printing photos using Exif Print or PRINT Image Matching.

Exif Print

When you take photographs using an Exif Print-compatible digital camera, information about camera settings and scene conditions is embedded in the photo file. This includes exposure mode, white balance, gain control, contrast, saturation, and sharpness.
Your printer corrects and enhances the photo using this information, then prints your image as it was captured by the digital camera.

PRINT Image Matching

PRINT Image Matching gives control of the printing process to the digital camera, so your printed images can reflect the camera’s distinctive qualities. In a PRINT Image Matching-compatible digital camera, print command information from the camera is embedded in the photo file.
The print commands instruct your printer how to correct color and details based on this information, which includes gamma, color space, color balance, shadow point, contrast, and brightness settings. Your PRINT Image Matching-compatible printer then prints your image as it was captured by the digital camera.
See your camera manual to determine if the camera is compatible with PRINT Image Matching, and for instructions on using the feature.
EPSON Easy Photo Print lets you decide whether to print using PRINT Image Matching.
If you print using software that does not support PRINT Image Matching, the benefits of PRINT Image Matching will not be visible in your prints.

Compatible paper types

Exif Print and PRINT Image Matching are compatible only when you are printing with these types of paper:
Plain Paper
Epson Bright White Ink Jet Paper
Epson Matte Paper-Heavyweight
Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper
Epson Premium Semigloss Photo Paper
Epson Ultra Glossy Photo Paper
Epson Glossy Photo Paper