Changing General Network Settings with LCD Panel

You can change the printer’s general network settings (such as changing the printer name, IP address allocation setting, and so on) from the LCD panel.
To use this function, enter the setup mode, Wi-Fi (network) setting menu, and general Wi-Fi (network) setting menu.
This feature is not available for all printers or the feature may not be enabled.
The actual names of the menu items vary depending on the model. For details, refer to the documentation of your printer.
Printer name on the network setting:
To change the printer name, enter the new name. The default setting is “EPSONXXXXXX” (X: Last 6 digits of the MAC address).
IP address allocation setting:
Normally, the broadband router or access point will automatically allocate an IP address to the printer using the DHCP function. If your router (or access point) DHCP function is on, set the TCP/IP setting so that the printer acquires an IP address automatically.
To allocate a unique IP address to the printer, select manual setting, and enter the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway.
DNS server setting:
To specify the DNS server address, select the manual setting, and enter the addresses for the primary DNS server and secondary DNS server.
Proxy server setting:
To use the proxy server, enter the proxy server address and port.