Scanning Problems

Cannot start, set or scan with EPSON Scan

Was the connection test successful?
If it fails, verify that there are no problems with the network.
Is the IP address set correctly on the computer?
For details on network settings such as the IP address, see Setup Problems.
Was the communication disconnected?
If the communication was disconnected during EPSON Scan startup, exit EPSON Scan, and restart after a while. If EPSON Scan cannot restart, turn the printer off and back on, then retry.
Check the Timeout Setting in EPSON Scan Settings. For details, see the EPSON Scan Help.
Is the Firewall function active in Windows XP or later, or commercially available security software?
If the Firewall function is active, the search may not work in EPSON Scan Settings. In this case, click EPSON Scan Settings - Add - Enter address, and directly enter the IP address.
Are you scanning a wide range in high resolution?
If a wide range is scanned in high resolution, a communication error may occur. If the scan did not work, lower the resolution.
Does your computer have more than one network interface?
The scanner may not be able to communicate with computers that have multiple network interfaces. To communicate with the scanner, click EPSON Scan Settings - Add - Enter address, and directly enter the IP address.

Cannot operate Scan to PC (WSD)

Is a WSD compatible computer connected to the network?
The Scan to PC (WSD) function is only available for Windows 7/Vista English version computers. Make sure that a computer running Windows 7/Vista English version is connected to the scanner on the same network.