Clearing a Paper Jam

Follow these steps to clear a paper jam.
Do not touch the white cable inside the printer.
Turn off the printer.
If a single-sheet of paper is stuck on the paper guide, gently remove it.
Open the printer cover. If you are loading continuous paper, remove the paper guide.
If continuous paper is jammed in the printer, tear off the fresh supply at the perforation.
Turn the knob on the right side of the printer away from you to eject the paper in the printer. Remove any remaining pieces of paper.
Use the knob on the right side of the printer only to clear paper jams when the printer is off. Otherwise, you may damage the printer or lose the top-of-form or tear-off position.
The control panel lights may flash when turning the knob by hand while the printer is off. This is not a malfunction.
Replace the paper guide if necessary, and close the printer cover.
Turn on the printer. Make sure the Paper Out and Pause lights are off.
If any paper still remains inside the printer, follow the steps below to remove the remaining paper.
Turn off the printer.
Open the printer cover, and then set the paper release lever to the continuous paper position.
Remove the paper tension unit.
Remove the jammed paper.
Reset the paper release lever to match the paper being used.
Turn on the printer, load the paper, and then close the printer cover.