Lock-Out Mode

You can restrict the use of buttons on the control panel by using the lock-out mode.

Changing the lock-out mode setting

You can turn lock-out mode on or off or change locked functions from lock-out setting mode.
The following table shows the basic function of each button in the lock-out setting mode.
Basic function
Item button
Selects the next menu parameter.
Item button
Selects the previous menu parameter.
Set button
Changes the value in the selected menu.
You can select the printer functions to be locked while the lock-out mode is on according to your needs.
Before entering the lock-out setting mode, you need to load A4 or letter size single-sheet paper or continuous paper that is at least 210 mm (8.3 inches) wide. See Printing on Continuous Paper and Printing on Single Sheets for instructions on loading continuous paper and single sheets.
For your safety, Epson recommends operating the printer with the printer cover closed. The printer will function with the printer cover open or removed, but for maximum safety keep the cover closed.
Follow these steps to change the lock-out mode setting:
Make sure the printer is turned off.
Whenever you turn off the printer, wait at least five seconds before turning it back on; otherwise, you may damage the printer.
Turn on the printer while holding down both the LF/FF and Pause buttons.
The printer enters the lock-out setting mode and prints a message asking if you wish to print all of the current settings.
If you want to print the current settings, press the Set button. If you want to bypass printing of the current settings, press the Item button or the Item button.
The printer prints the first menu and the current value of the menu.
Press the Item button or the Item button to select the menu parameters which you wish to change. Press the Set button to scroll through the values within the selected parameter until you find the desired setting. After setting the selected parameter to the desired setting, you may continue to make changes to other parameters by pressing the Item button or the Item button.
Turn off the printer and exit the lock-out setting mode.
You may exit the lock-out setting mode by turning off the printer at any time. Any settings you have made remain in effect until you change them again.