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Scanning from the Manual Mode / Using the Preview Window


Using marquees
Using the Zoom Preview button
Using the Auto Locate button

You can use the Preview window to see the effects of most EPSON TWAIN settings, and to make additional image adjustments. You can also use marquees (frames) to scan only selected portions of an image.

In this Preview window, the functions shown above are available.

  • Make sure the Automatic Thumbnail Preview for Film check box in the Configuration dialog box is cleared.
  • When previewing images of negatives using a film holder, you notice the color may appear odd as the frame of the film holder is perceived as white, causing your scans to appear darker. To see the correct color, click and drag the mouse over an area, then click the Zoom Preview button, or preview images with using the Thumbnail preview. See Using the Zoom Preview button or Thumbnail Preview.

Using marquees

A marquee is a frame that you draw around a portion of a previewed image to select it. You can use a marquee to select an area you want to enlarge using the Zoom Preview button.

To create a marquee, move the pointer over the image in the Preview window. The pointer becomes a set of cross-hairs. Hold down the mouse button and drag the cross-hairs over an area of the image, then release the mouse button to create a marquee.

The frame around the marquee appears as a moving dotted line, indicating that it is active, which means that it can be resized.

The point where you first clicked is anchored, but the rest of the frame is sizable and movable.

When the mouse pointer is placed within the marquee (the frame of the selected image area), it changes to a hand. You can drag the marquee anywhere in the Preview window. If you drag the hand while pressing the Shift key, the marquee will be limited to vertical or horizontal movement.

When the mouse pointer is placed on the edge of the marquee, it changes to an arrow allowing you to re-size the marquee. If you drag the arrow while pressing the Shift key, the marquee will be resized proportionally.

To remove or delete a marquee, double-click the Preview window.


Using the Zoom Preview button

To enlarge a selected portion of the previewed image, click and drag the mouse over the portion to be enlarged, then click the  Zoom Preview button. For more information on selecting portions of images, see Using marquees.

The Zoom Preview button is not available when one or more marquees are selected in addition to the active marquee.


Using the Auto Locate button

Click the Auto Locate button to cause the scanner to automatically locate and select the target image. The image appears without white borders in the Preview window.

entire preview area

located image

If a document contains more than one image, select a target image by creating a marquee on the image and clicking the Auto Locate button. The selected target image is located automatically.

target image and other image

located and
non-located images

Create a marquee only on the target image. If the marquee covers other images as well, the Auto Locate feature does not work as expected.



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