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Paper does not feed properly

Paper does not feed properly

Cause What to do
The paper guides are not set correctly. Make sure that the paper guides in all the paper cassettes are set in the correct paper size positions.
The paper source setting may not be correct. Make sure that you have selected the correct paper source in your application.
There may be no paper in the cassettes. Load paper into the selected paper source.
The size of loaded paper differs from the control panel setting. Make sure that the correct paper size is set in the control panel's Paper Source and MP Tray Size settings.
Too many sheets may be loaded in the MP tray or paper cassettes. Make sure that you have not tried to load too many sheets of paper. For the maximum paper capacity for each paper source, see MP tray.
The paper that is loaded is curled. Straighten the paper.

If paper does not feed from the optional paper cassette unit, the unit may not be installed properly.

For instructions on installing the unit, see Optional Paper Cassette Unit.



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