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Canceling Printing

Using the Cancel Job button
Using the Reset menu

You can cancel printing from your computer by using the printer driver.

To cancel a print job before it is sent from your computer, see Canceling Printing (for Windows) or Canceling Printing (for Macintosh).

Using the Cancel Job button

The Cancel Job button on your printer is the quickest and easiest way to cancel printing. Pressing this button cancels the currently printing job. Pressing the Cancel Job button for more than two seconds deletes all jobs from the printer memory, including jobs the printer is currently receiving or printing.


Using the Reset menu

Selecting Reset from the control panel's Reset Menu stops printing, clears the print job being received from the active interface, and clears errors that may have occurred at the interface.

Follow the steps below to use the Reset Menu.

Press the Enter button to access the control panel menus.

Press the Down button several times until Reset Menu appears on the LCD panel, then press the Enter button.

Press the Down button several times until Reset is displayed.

Press the Enter button. Printing is canceled. The printer is ready to receive a new print job.



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