Reference Guide


About Your Printer

Where to Find Information

Safety Instructions Sheet

Provides you with important safety information about this printer. Read this sheet before assembling the printer.

Setup Guide

Provides you with information on assembling the printer and installing the printer software.

Reference Guide (this guide)

Provides you with detailed information on the printer's functions, optional products, maintenance, troubleshooting, and technical specifications.

Network Guide

Provides network administrators with information on both the printer driver and network settings.You need to install this guide from the software installation CD-ROM to your computer's hard disk before referring it.

Paper Jam Guide

Provides you with solutions for paper jam problems about your printer you may need to refer to on a regular basis. We recommend printing this guide and keeping it near the printer.

Online Help for printer software

Click Help for detailed information and instructions on the printer software that controls your printer. Online help is automatically installed when you install the printer software.


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